Meet the Two Michigan 'Bearz' (Homo Ursae Masculinii) who Love Beekeeping - and Honey, naturally!

Jamie and Jeff have been building their home and lives together since 2001.  Sharing life-long passions for gardening and nature, they have enjoyed living in the Northwoods of Gaylord and a couple years in Albuquerque.  Gardening was a little challenging in Albuquerque, and both missed the forests and water.

At the Man Cave

In 2012, Jeff & Jamie returned to Michigan after spending a couple years in Albuquerque, NM.

In the Garden

Welcome to the Garden!

With a good sized lot, we're able to plant a sizable garden.



Birth of Rush Creek Bees

With such a garden, the only thing missing were pollinators.

Thus the beginning of our beekeeping experience and Rush Creek Bees.

Our Story

Every tribe has a beginning, and this is ours.


In the Beginning ...



The Hudsonville Fair

In Hudsonville, the community fair is an annual tradition, especially in such an agrarian-rooted community.


Jeff grew up in Hudsonville at 40th and Barry, which is directly across the street from the entrance to the fairgrounds.  So, the Hudsonville Fair was always a significant part of Jeff's life, and gardening naturally became a sport.  This particular year was a very good year for our fair entries.  You'll see ... enjoy the slide show. 

Jeff ...

Jamie ...